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PS1USB - A USB development cartridge for the Playstation 1

PS1USB is a development cartridge for the Playstation 1 allowing data transfer between your computer and your Playstation 1 over USB.
This cartridge must be used with a USB mini-B cable and the provided "ps1transfer" tool available for Windows 32/64bits and Linux 64bits.

Upload and execute a Playstation 1 executable (at 125kbytes/s)
Upload data to an address of the Playstation 1 ram
Download data from an address of the Playstation 1 memory (bios dump, etc...) at 96kbytes/s
Download the Video RAM from the Playstation 1 and export as a PNG image.
Redirect the "printf" text of your Playstation program to your computer for easy debugging.
Use the provided libsn_usb library to download/upload files from/to your computer acting as a file server.
Debugging screen with registers and stack dump whenever your program crash.
The cartridge will be able to get updated by executing an update program (via USB or CD)
A 3D printed grey plastic enclosure will be included to protect the electronic board.

PS1transfer tool
libsn_usb source code
PS1USB source code

Video demonstration of the cartridge:

Pre-order the cartridge for 40€ and choose your country: +3€ for France or +7€ for International shipping
End of pre-orders for the 2nd batch around the end of September, start of shipments of the 2nd batch towards the end of October.
Cartridge + Shipping: